EMEA Business Analyst - Temp

Job Description

Ongoing analysis of the regions financial performance and sales funnel to monitor RSMs’ sales project progress on an ongoing basis. The position will also include creating transparency and tractability of all the relevant quality issues in the region to ensure complaints are addressed and addressed on time.

  • Some of the ongoing required duties of this position are:
  • Bio weekly Sales Funnel report per each RSM ( consolidation of sales force data, which includes a summary of high likely pending deals, mid likely pending deals and low likely pending deals)
  • Sales force analysis for understanding the rationale behind wins and lost deals (consolidated data in salesforce to understand per targeted segment to whom we are losing the most and the main reasons behind it).
  • Market research surveys analysis for having real understanding of the consumers’ satisfaction & needs. (A few examples of planned surveys are such as Pulse120 user profile, main drivers for buying a given system, satisfaction with our fibers, distributers’ most urgent unmet needs and more) .
  • Dashboard- quick weekly report of a summary of region’s financial performance ( a quick one page ~ 6 graphs for having quick glimpse of overall YTD revenue, Revenue per business segment, revenue for disposable, revenue for systems and etc. ) 
  • Inventory level weekly report to monitor and alarm if needed applicable to all of our products
  • System and fibers forecast for production & Finance
  • Ensure all customers’ complaints with all their necessary information is uploaded in the system to inform all the appropriate individuals of complaint and perform ongoing complaint monitoring.
  • Track complaint status and ensure it is addressed on a timely manner
  • Update the customer of his/her complaint’s status to ensure satisfaction
  • Assist corporate office in conducting ad. hock root cause investigation, related to quality ( i.e. visits sites and obtain required information as an example)
  • Assist in managing the demo systems inventory and ensure smooth delivery and efficient utilization 


  • English mother tongue
  • Bachelor degree
  • Experience in performing data analysis 
  • Analytical thinking
  • Part time (60%)


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