The Technology Behind the LightSheer DESIRE Light

LightSheer® DESIRE™ Light uses a 805nm diode wavelength, an industry standard for permanent hair reduction for all skin types. 

The high fluence ChillTip™ technology, a cooled sapphire that chills the skin before and during treatment, offers treatment efficacy and patient comfort.

Advanced Graphical User Interface
Intuitive presets for fast learning
curve and easy treatment delegation
 15 Inch Flat Screen
Indications for Use
  • Hair removal, permanent hair reduction, and the treatment for Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (PFB).
  • Treatment of vascular lesions, including angiomas, hemangiomas, telangiectasia, leg veins and other benign vascular lesions.
  • Treatment of benign pigmented lesions.
Technical specifications


PB-2002616 REV C

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