How HIT™ Works

  • Vacuum gently draws skin into the handpiece, skin is stretched thin and target is pulled closer to the energy source.
  • Energy is applied to target in which melanocytes are spread apart and blood flow is constricted.
  • Target is damaged and skin is released.

Advantages of High-Speed Integrated Technology (HIT™)

  • Increased efficacy: reduction in competing chromophores enables delivery of laser energy more efficiently.
  • Higher safety: less energy is absorbed by the epidermis and lower fluence is required since the target is closer to the energy source.
  • Decreased pain: The unique vacuum mechanism activates tactile and pressure skin receptors to inhibit the transmission of pain sensation.
  • Fastest treatment: with a spot size of 22x35 mm, large areas can be treated rapidly without the need for cooling or anesthetics.
How ChillTip™ Works
  • Skin is cooled before and during treatment.
  • Skin is compressed. Laser beam applied to skin and target is damaged

Advantages of ChillTip™ Technology
  • Enhanced safety: superior epidermal protection is achieved through ChillTip contact cooling
  • Increased comfort: by continuously cooling the skin, pain and discomfort are significantly reduced.
  • Higher efficacy: Compression of the skin rotates follicle closer to the surface, blenches blood vessels and reduces competing chromophores. High fluence enables treatment of areas requiring precision and thin, light hair.