How will your Practice Benefit?

        Practice Benefits:

      Satisfied Patients
      Faster Learning Curve
      Treatment Versatility 

    How will your practice benefit?
    • Satisfied Patients:
      Treatments are cost effective and large areas can be treated in less than 10 minutes, so you can see more satisfied patients.
    • Faster Learning Curve:
      The system is simple to operate and has a friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI) and preset programs- For a faster learning curve and easy treatment delegation.
    • Treatment Versatility:
      The handpieces have been ergonomically designed and can be switched using a simple 'Plug and Play' method-To allow versatility in treatment options and improved system handling.
    • Multi-Location-Usage:
      The system is light and portable and can easily be transported from one place to another- To enable multi-location use.
    • Upgrade:
      The system is up-gradable so it can grow with your business-To fit your needs in any given time and match your practice requirements so you can maximize revenues.



    PB-1003139 Rev G