UltraPulse® - The most powerful CO2 laser in aesthetic medicine.


The most powerful CO2 laser
in aesthetic medicine


Stretching the limits of performance

UltraPulse® can penetrate deeper than any aesthetic ablative CO2 laser. Combined with great versatility, this makes UltraPulse® perfect for both everyday procedures and the thick and complex lesions.


   DeepFX™ | ActiveFX™ Fractional  Modes

  Great versatility and precision for all your resurfacing needs
  CoolScan™ technology for enhanced patient comfort

   Exceptional Ablation/Coagulation Ratio

  Optimal clinical outcomes with minimal excess heating
  Proven efficacy in dozens of clinical studies and  peer-reviewed publications

   Deepest Impact with SCAAR FX™ Mode

  Up to 4mm in a single pulse
  Ideal mode for treating deep, thick lesions

   Shortest Pulse Duration

  Faster than the tissue relaxation time
  Minimizing thermal damage


Highly Advanced Scanners for Maximum Versatility, Speed and Efficacy

Lumenis Aesthetic - UltraPulse laser


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