A Culture of Innovation
As the pre-eminent laser manufacturer in the ophthalmic market, Lumenis laser technology has treated millions of eyes around the world each year. From product "firsts," to a long list of "gold standard" products, Lumenis has delivered a comprehensive line of ophthalmic lasers that offer clear advantages over conventional treatments across multiple subspecialties.
Ophthalmic Firsts

Pioneered the first argon laser photocoagulator for ophthalmology in 1970.
Set a new standard in photocoagulation with power on demand; first Nd:YAG laser for ophthalmology; introduced the first for selective laser trabeculoplasty and the first multi-modality laser for comprehensive ophthalmology. 

SureSpot™ Optics (Defocused Beam Delivery System)

In SureSpot™, the treatment beam is highly divergent, resulting in low power density at the ocular surface and maximal power density at the waist of the beam (see figures below). When spot size is set to its minimal value (50 μm), the waist coincides with the retinal plane. Spot size is increased by moving the entire beam in the posterior direction, so as to position the beam’s waist behind the retina, albeit maintaining the focal plane.

SureSpot™ optics offers advantages in:
  • Safety - very low poer density on the cornea and lesns tissue.
  • Precision - Lumenis' patented optics provide a true 50-micron spot.
  • Efficacy - well-defined spot with uniform power density on the retina.
Lumenis Patented
SureSpot™ Optics
Titration  YES YES  NO 
Low Power density
on the cornea
Sharp spot on the retina  NO YES YES

SureSpot optics also creates a true 50-micron laser spot; that capability distinguishes the Lumenis technology from other lasers that may have a 100-micron minimum spot size and/or project a fuzzy laser spot on the retina.

In essence, SureSpot optics improves treatment efficacy and precision while reducing the potential for damage to anterior-segment tissues. The latter occurrence is especially a concern when using wide-angle lenses that enhance light uptake by the cornea and lens.

How SLT Works:
Available Lasers with SureSpot™ Optics Technology

      Vision One
      Selecta Trio
      Novus Spectra

    Caution: Federal (US) law restricts Lumenis devices to sale by or on the order of a licensed practitioner.

    PB-2006798 Rev A

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