Array LaserLink™ - Pattern Scanning Laser Technology

Array LaserLink

Pattern Scanning Laser Technology

Lumenis introduces Array™LaserLink™ a technologically advanced delivery system that significantly enhances standard laser treatment by providing new pattern scanning capabilities to photocoagulation lasers and considerably reducing treatment time.  Array offers a range of laser spot sizes from 50µm to 1000µm in single spot mode, 100µm to 500µm in pattern scanning mode 

Lumenis Ophthalmology – Array LaserLink


The Array™LaserLink™ Features The Following Benefits:

Links with Lumenis lasers:

• Vision One
• Novus Spectra

And attaches to most popular slit lamps:

• Lumenis 980
• Lumenis 990*
• Zeiss SL130
Zeiss 30SL
Haag Streit 900 BQ*


With Lumenis multi-wavelength technology, Array delivers any of-following wavelengths:

Green: 532 nm
• Yellow: 577 nm
• Red: 659 nm

Array treatment options:

 Single spot
• Pulse mode
• Various pattern

Array offers a range of laser spot sizes from 50µm to 1000µm in single spot mode, 100µm to 500µm in pattern scanning mode.

*May have a later release


Intuitive touchscreen 
  presents logical workflow 

Custom Touchpad 
  is easily moved for use with right or left hand and provides Eyes Forward Control
Heads Up Display 
  seen as text on the retina, shows confirmation of important parameter changes

Frame Mode 
  displays a precise outline of the area in which the pattern will be administered

Titrate Mode 
  is used to establish appropriate pattern laser parameters with a single spot

Contact lens menu 
  lists commonly used lenses for calculation of laser spot size on the retina
  Spot size on retina tells doctor actual parameter of treatment

The Array™LaserLink™ is compatible with Lumenis Vision One and Novus Spectra.   The Array™LaserLink™ is versatile.  With Lumenis multi-wavelength technology.

And, attaches to most popular slit lamps:

Array delivers any of the following wavelengths: 
  • Lumenis 980
  • Lumenis 990*
  • Zeiss SL130
  • Zeiss 30SL
  • Haag Streit 900 BQ*
  • Green: 532 nm
  • Yellow: 577 nm
  • Red: 659 nm
Customized Treatments

     Continuously Variable Spot Size

  • Single spot from 50µm to 1000µm
  • Pattern mode from 100µm to 500µm
  • For customized treatment for the particular disease state and tissue response

    Variety of Adjustable Patterns includes single spot and 6 shapes
  • Square:  2 to 5 spots per side
  • Line: 2 spots in one line up to 4 spots in each of 5 lines
  • Triangle: 6 or 15 spots
  • Circle: Single adjustable ring
  • Quarter of a circle: 1 or 3 adjustable arcs
  • Half of a circle: 1 or 3 adjustable arcs

    Up to 5 Preset Protocols
  • Retain favorite settings in memory
  • Include settings such as fundus lens selection, laser power, spot size, spot spacing, number of spots and duration

    Selectable Spot Spacing
  • From 0 to 3 times the spot diameter within a circle
  • From 0.25 to 3 times the spot diameter in other patterns

    New Generation Clearview Filters
  • Utilize photopic balanced coating to eliminate color distortion
  • Optimize white light transmission or “brightness” of the physician’s view
Eyes Forward Control
  Eyes Forward Control
Control and verify treatment parameters
without moving from the slit lamp oculars or
losing sight of the target retina
  Unique Array 3D Micromanipulator 
• Controls laser parameters and micromanipulation
• Adjustable for left or right hand use
Heads Up Display
• Confirms changes to treatment parameters
• Displays text on the retina
• Modified parameters are projected as text onto the retina

Intuitive Touchscreen
• Fully adjustable monitor
• Is easily reached and visualized for treatment set up and procedure

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