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CO2 Accessories
for Gynecology

CO2 Free-Beam and Fiber Solution Suite for
Greater Performance & Superior Precision


Lumenis provides the opportunity to choose either fiber or FreeBeam delivery of precision CO2 laser energy depending on your preference.
For FreeBeam delivery, the SurgiTouch™ scanner and operating system has become an industry benchmark for precision in CO2 laser surgery, assuring reproducible tissue-effects that can be perfectly tailored to patient anatomy. Beam alignment units connect to commonly available operating laparoscopes.


For fiber delivery, advanced CO2 fiber technology used either in robotic surgery or with specially designed GYN Laparoscopic handpieces, feature consistent, high energy transmission and a fiber tip that can be renewed during a procedure. This helps assure predicable results, fast procedure times, and cost effective procedures.


These free-beam CO2 laser accessories are specially designed by Lumenis for minimally invasive gynecology surgery: 

Lumenis Surgical – CO2 Laser Accessories for Gynecology



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GYN LAP-R and GYN LAP-S handpieces – For use with The Lumenis' family of fibers

CO2 laser accessories for laparoscopy and colposcopy are designed for incision, excision, vaporization and ablation of soft tissue.

Using the GYN LAP-Handpieces, the Lumenis CO2 fibers can be introduced to the abdomen through a standard trocar cannula or the suction-irrigator instrument. A clear aiming beam, three unique power modes, and adjustable exposure modes help minimize disturbance to adjacent tissue for enhanced patient safety. High energy transmission, and a renewable fiber tip allow for faster, and more cost effective procedures. 

Nezhat Laparoscope Coupler & Adapters – For Automatic Beam Centering

Compatible only with UltraPulse CO2 Lasers. 

For single puncture and second puncture laparoscopes.

Laser energy from free beam (articulated arm) CO2 lasers must be directed down the operating channel of rigid laparoscopes. Single puncture operating laparoscopes incorporate viewing optics, light optics and an operative channel into the same device. Second puncture laparoscopes have an operating channel, but no viewing or lighting capability. 

The channel length for single puncture laparoscopes is usually 300mm and for second puncture tubes, it is usually 200mm. The Nezhat Coupler/Adapter automatically centers the CO2 laser beam within the operative channel, saving time and frustration often associated with manual alignment. An adapter, specific to the laparoscope model interfaces the laparoscope and Nezhat coupler. Each adapter has an identification (ID) number engraved on it.

BeamAlign Direct (Laparoscope) Coupler

Because of their superficial penetration and coincident ability to coagulate small blood vessels, carbon dioxide lasers are very useful for incision, vaporization and coagulation of soft tissue in the pelvic cavity. In order to deliver the energy, the articulated arm is connected to an operating laparoscope with a hollow channel of sufficient size to transmit the beam.


BeamAlign Direct Couplers connect the articulated arm of Lumenis Free-Beam surgical CO2 lasers to primary and second puncture operating laparoscopes. Two models are available:
• BeamAlign Direct Coupler for Single Puncture Laparoscopes, 300mm
•BeamAlign Direct Coupler for Second Puncture Laparoscopes, 200mm


The BeamAlign Coupler can be used with the SurgiTouch scanner for maximum surgical precision.

788 Second Puncture Laparoscope Set

In double puncture laparoscopy, the primary laparoscope has the viewing and light transmission optics. A second puncture laparoscope, which only has an operating channel, is also used. Second puncture tubes are usually shorter than primary laparoscopes. 

The 788 set also includes the correct 200mm BeamAlign Coupler. Second Puncture Laparoscopes, like the 788 model set, are primarily used by physicians that want to utilize a CO2 laser alternative to electrosurgery.


MicroSlad & ColpoSlad Micromanipulators

Compatible with Lumenis UltraPulse, Compact and AcuPulse surgical CO2 lasers 

MicroSlad and ColpoSlad Micromanipulators attach to operating microscopes and colposcopes for delivery of surgical CO2 laser energy. They are very lightweight, low profile and easy to use. The working distance for the micromanipulator is set by inserting a Lens-slide into a slot on the micromanipulator. Lens slides are available for fixed working distances of 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm and 400mm.


Four MicroSlad micromanipulator models are available:

  • MicroSlad 715 with aperture for Zeiss microscopes with 65mm objective lens
  • MicroSlad 717 with articulated arm attachment on left for microscopes (right for colposcopes)
  • MicroSlad 718 with articulated arm attachment on right for microscopes (left for colposcopes)
  • MicroSlad 719 with in-line articulated arm attachment for microscopes and colposcopes

Two ColpoSlad micromanipulator models are available:

  • ColpoSlad 725 for Leisegang I, II, and 1D colposcopes 
  • ColpoSlad 726 for Olympus OCS, OCS-2, and OCS-3 colposcopes


  • Small and lightweight for microscopes and colposcopes with size and weight constraints
  • Lens slides availale for working distances of 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm and 400mm 300mm and
    - 400mm lens slides included with Microslads
    - 300mm lens slide included with Colposlads
  • Continuously Variable Defocus (CVD) optical system for manual spot size adjustment
  • Joystick may be positioned on top of colposcope head for ease of use
  • Rim around laser aperture permits easy drape attachment
  • Robust reflecting mirror that can be easily cleaned
  • Can be used with SurgiTouch scanner and lasers equipped the SurgiTouch automation system
  • Compatible with Lumenis UltraPulse, Compact and AcuPulse surgical CO2 lasers


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