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CO2 Fibers 

CO2 Fiber Delivery Options Further
Extending Your Capabilities

Lumenis' CO2 laser fibers set the standard for optimal energy delivery, durability and performance.

The fibers are versatile, enabling surgeons to easily access difficult-to-reach anatomy through handpieces or flexible endoscope with high, consistent transmittance and a renewable tip they allow precise surgeries to be performed with speed.

The CO2 laser fibers can be used to treat a wide variety of applications including ORL, Head & Neck, and Gynecology.

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Fiber Delivery Options


Multi-use durable fiber         
ENDURE from Lumenis is a new revolution in laser fiber technology, enabling FiberLase precision across a wider range of procedures - including those with lower reimbursement.

The ENDURE fiber balances dependability, quality, and flexibility with cost effectiveness for smarter tissue management. With this new innovation, surgeons can extend their capabilities to perform more surgeries with fewer outlays.

  • Perform 5 surgeries per fiber
  • High quality, dependable fiber with a tip that can renewed during a procedure
  • A clear aiming beam that helps you precisely target and treat only the tissue that you want
  • Durable fiber with excellent energy transmittance
  • Compatibility with flexible endoscopes for maximum access to the hard to reach areas



Single-use high performance fiber
FiberLase is a sterile, 2 meter long fiber, with a spot size 295μm at fiber output, and up to 40 Watt input. FiberLase, together with the AcuPulse™ DUO and AcuPulse 40WG CO2 laser systems and the multiple handpiece configurations expand your range of surgical procedures. 
  • High quality, dependable fiber for transmission efficiency 
  • Effective energy transmittance and renewable tip 
  • Adjustable aiming beam for precision targeting of treatment areas 
  • Significant improvements in quality of life






FiberLase STC

FiberLase STC      
Reliable fiber for use on common laser platforms Coupling FiberLase technology with a new ST connection system lets you benefit from Lumenis technology on your existing laser console. A two meter long, durable fiber gets the laser beam to exactly where you need it. With the FiberLase STC, you can attain better control of beam delivery with your laser for smarter tissue management.

  • Faster tissue healing is reflected by low rates of adhesion formation 
  • Durable fiber with excellent energy transmittance 
  • A tip that can be renewed during a procedure 
  • High quality, dependable fiber that’s built to last 
  • A 2 meter long fiber 
  • Compatibility with flexible endoscopes for maximum access to the hard to reach areas


FiberLase Drop-in Guide

FiberLase Drop-in Guide
Enhances robotic fiber utilization The FiberLase CO2 laser fiber and robotic Drop-In Guide enhance robot utilization* with superior precision and better thermal control.

  • Dependable performance over long lasing times
  • Renewable tip for optimal performance throughout the procedure 
  • Non-contact dissection and ablation for minimal tissue disturbance •High Power delivery for faster treatment
  • Convenient 2 meter fiber length *Robotic statements have not been evaluated by Intuitive Surgical  


OtoLase™ - New Levels of Precision in Middle Ear Surgery

New Levels of Precision in Middle Ear Surgery


The microsurgical precision of the Lumenis CO2 laser makes it the ideal tool for safe middle ear surgery and the effective treatment for small and sensitive auditory structures.


With OtoLase™, you can expect new levels of precision, ease-of-use, durability and cost-effectiveness.


Studies have shown that compared with other types of lasers and treatment modalities, physicians using CO2 lasers for ear surgery can attain superior outcomes.




Reusable fiber for Otology MicroLase is a 2 meter long fiber with a protective outer jacket, which may be used for up to 25 procedures. The fiber is designed for easy connection to MicroLase handpieces, and together they assemble the MicroLase Otology kit, designed to expand use of the AcuPulse DUO and AcuPulse 40WG CO2 laser systems for ear surgery. 

The superior design of the MicroLase fiber is more efficient in transmission of the laser energy, enabling to get as close as possible to parity between the energy displayed on screen and the energy actually delivered to the patient.

  • Reusable fiber for Otology 
  • Reusable fiber which can be used up to 25 procedures
  • Disposable tips 
  • Saves on sterilization time and cost per procedure