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UltraPulse® SurgiTouch 
CO2 Lasers

Unparalleled Performance and Precision 


UltraPulse laser systems are for institutions and settings which demand highest performance for the most delicate surgeries. 

All UltraPulse laser systems feature UltraPulse and Continuous Wave (CW) laser modes to enable a range of thermal effects on tissue.

UltraPulse are designed to assure high treatment speed and perfectly balance ease-of-use, versatility, precision, and control.
With advanced scar management capabilities, full 60W power, and customizable solutions depending on patient need, the UltraPulse is the ultimate in free beam precision and versatility.

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Precision & Performance – Industry Gold Standard
  • Reproducible and precise results for the most delicate surgeries
  • Fast and efficient treatment
  • Clean tissue interaction with virtually no char
  • SurgiTouch automated surgery with Digital AcuBlade
  • Largest suite of accessories to cover almost any application
  • Advanced scar management capabilities
  • Aiming Beam
  • Application driven user interface
Available with SurgiTouch Software & Scanner
SurgiTouch consists of special software and a scanner with a Digital-Galvonmeter (D-Galvo) motor. 

The SurgiTouch scanner operates with the Digital AcuBlade scanning micromanipulator and can be used with many of the Lumenis accessories for scanned energy delivery. 

Scanning takes UltraPulse CO2 laser precision to the highest level for char-free incision and vaporization. 

The SurgiTouch menu screens are applicationdriven. Once SurgiTouch is selected, the user selects the specialty, then the application, and then the accessory. 

Finally, the Treatment screen displays recommended starting parameters, which the user is free to adjust. 

Lumenis Surgical – UltraPulse SurgiTouch