Surgical Division is global leader in surgical laser technology and medical laser equipment, and considered a pioneer in the field of laser for surgery



Treating the Whole Patient

Lumenis laser systems and delivery devices enable improved patient care across multiple specialties
with proven clinical outcome, fewer complications, less pain and faster recovery. 

A wide range of laser solutions

The Lumenis Pulse family of lasers, as well as the VersaPulse PowerSuite, Dual Wavelength & VersaPulse P20 are best known for their urologic applications for the treatment of BPH, stones, tumors or strictures.

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Ear Nose & Throat

CO2 lasers have been proven effective for treating a wide range of conditions in the larynx, pharynx, ear and skin - and in some cases are the gold standard for treatment.

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CO2 lasers with special gynecologic accessories, are widely used to treat gynecological conditions such as: endometriosis, adhesions and uterine fibroids, with fewer complications, faster recovery and reduced pain.

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Holmium lasers, with their custom designed delivery systems, optimize clinical outcome in a wide array of arthroscopic applications in various joints including- the shoulder, knee and ankle.

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Holmium and dual-wavelength lasers are ideal for various pulmonary and thoracic procedures, including laryngeal lesions, polyps and granulomas and obstructing carcinomas.

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The Holmium lasers are the standard of care for precise tissue ablation, excision and incision, for treating stones and malignant neoplasm.

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