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Powerful Ablation and Delicate Precision for Central Airway Obstructions   


The best of both worlds;  VersaPulse Powersuite 80/100.

Lumenis value proposition for therapeutic and palliative treatment of benign and malignant lesions and obstructions in the airways lies in the unique combination of two different laser wavelengths in one powerful system. 
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The Nd:YAG laser, with its deep tissue penetration and therefore high ablation rate, is combined with the delicacy of the shallow tissue penetration of the Ho:YAG laser for safe ablation in challenging anatomical locations. Switching between the wavelengths is as easy as changing the initiation on the foot pedal using the same delivery system. 

The SLimline SIS Endo (200, 365, 550 μm) and the Duotome side-firing fiber will assist in delivering the desired effect in a minimally invasive way to the hard-to-reach areas; extreme cutting precision, fast tissue ablation, superior coagulation and homeostasis. 


Lumenis Surgical – Pulmonary laser


Central Airway Obstructions Malignant

Primary endoluminal carcinoma Metastasis to the airways from carcinomas, melanoma, sarcoma Laryngeal carcinoma, eosophageal carcinoma Mediastinal tumors

Central Airway Benign Obstructions

Granuloma Benign Tumors and Benign Strictures Papillomatosis