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VersaPulse 80/100W Holmium - A Powerful Combination of Two Wavelengths Safe. Intuitive. Powerful. Cost Effective.

80/100W Holmium

A Powerful Combination of Two Wavelengths
Safe. Intuitive. Powerful. Cost Effective.


The VersaPulse® PowerSuite™ Dual Wavelength system is a powerful combination of two wavelengths - 80 Watts Holmium and 100 Watts Nd:YAG lasers which is ideal for procedures requiring high-energy and strong coagulation capabilities.

This versatile system can be used to treat urologic conditions such as BPH, stones, tumors or strictures and is also cleared for a range of applications in other surgical fields including pulmonology, gastroenterology, orthopedics and more.

The Lumenis Surgical range of medical devices: VersaPulse PowerSuite, Dual Wavelength & VersaPulse P20 are best known for their urologic applications for the treatment of BPH, stones, tumors or strictures. 

They are also FDA cleared to treat a range of applications in other surgical fields, making the VersaPulse family of lasers not only versatile but a good economic choice.


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Benefits of Using a VersaPulse Dual Wavelength Laser
  • Desired clinical outcome: 
    The Holmium laser offers precise and controlled cutting and ablation. It penetrates just enough to ablate tissue without charring, preventing deep thermal necrosis and minimizing collateral damage. The Nd:Yag laser is especially suitable for fast ablation and strong coagulation applications with improved hemostasis.

  • Extensive clinical evidence
    HoLAP and HoLEP have undergone over 14 randomized controlled trials with proven results spanning over 10 years

  • A versatile laser systems for urology applications
    Supported by the AUA and EAU as first line treatment options for BPH (BNI, TUIP, HoLAP, HoLEP, HoLRP), stones, tumors and strictures. This system is  suitable for treating stones of any size, composition and location

  • Reduced lithotripsy procedure time
    Stone-DustingTM enables reduced basket use. Suitable for stones of any size, composition and location

  • Cost Effectiveness
    This multi-specialty, multi-application platform is extremely cost-effective and yields a high return on investment
Custom Fibers & Accessories

Our custom fibers are developed to ensure optimal performance when used with Lumenis laser systems. Together they provide you the opportunity to offer patients unparalleled treatments.

  • SlimLine, SlimLine EZ & SlimLine GI™
    These reusable and single-use fibers are customized to work seamlessly with the VersaPulse family of lasers and are perfectly suited for procedures such as HoLEP and stones.

  • DuoTome™ SideLite™
    This single-use fiber is especially well suited for HoLAP. 

    Additional Fibers and Delivery Systems: 
    Custom fibers and delivery systems are available for a range of additional specialties, including gastroenterology, pulmonology and orthopedics.
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