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Breakthrough Treatment for Urinary Stones - Reframing the Laws of Physics

Understanding the challenges of laser lithotripsy

While Holmium lithotripsy is well established as the preferred treatment for urinary stones2, some challenges still persist:

Reduced energy transmission

Holmium’s high level of absorption in water results in limited delivery of laser energy.

Unfriendly and costly fiber experience

Burdensome and time consuming process of fiber insertion through a flexible scope is needed to avoid scope damage.

Retropulsion and stone migration

The retropulsion effect created by the Holmium pulse reduces physician’s control and may cause the stone to rotate or slip to difficult locations.

Limited access

Stones are often located in hard-to-access areas within the kidney, making it difficult to reach and treat them.

Introducing Moses™ technology by Lumenis

A proprietary combination of systems and fibers - reframing the laws of physics

Ultra Speed Stone-Dusting for Flexible Laser Ureteroscopy

Experience optimized energy transmission

Groundbreaking pulse delivery technology remarkably improves energy transmission, overcoming energy reduction in working distances3

Energy transmission vs. working distance - bench test3. A representative case

Minimum retropulsion - maximum control

Moses technology significantly reduces retropulsion during lithotripsy and minimizes stone migration, resulting in better physician control1,5 Pre-clinical experience suggests that minimzed retropulsion may also lead to shorter procedure time1,5

Stone retropulsion analysis

State of the art fibers

Moses tailored premium fiber range of 200, 365 and 550 D/F/L fibers designed for o ptimal energy transmission and durability.

Smooth process - more confidence

Advanced ball-shaped tip enables a smooth initial insertion of the Moses 200 D/F/L through a flexible scope, and designed to minimize potential scope damage.reach difficult-to-access stone locations.

Leave no stone behind

Moses 200 D/F/L flexible fiber is designed to minimize scope deflection loss3, allowing to reach difficult-to-access stone locations.

Deflection loss of flexible scope - bench test3. A representative case

“My experience with the Moses technology shows that it is a true breakthrough in Holmium laser lithotripsy, demonstrating enhanced accessibility and significant reduction in retropulsion.

I am keen to continue my clinical work and further explore the potential procedural efficiency of the Moses technology”.

Prof. Mostafa Elhilali, McGill University Health Center, Dept. Of Urology, Montreal, Canada


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