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Experience optimized energy transmission

Groundbreaking pulse delivery technology remarkably improves energy transmission, overcoming energy reduction in working distances3

Energy transmission vs. working distance - bench test3. A representative case

Minimum retropulsion - maximum control

Moses technology significantly reduces retropulsion during lithotripsy and minimizes stone migration, resulting in better physician control1,5 Pre-clinical experience suggests that minimzed retropulsion may also lead to shorter procedure time1,5

Ease of use

Innovative design and GUI


An intuitive GUI with a touch screen allows for the tracking of accumulated energy during the procedure and double settings are controlled by the systems’ dual pedals.


Customizable dual pedals


Allows for easy switching between laser settings during procedure. This feature might be applied for having one pedal dedicated for hemostasis in order to address bleeding faster and more efficiently.

Lumenis Pulse 120 - Customizable dual pedals


with Lumenis® Range of Delivery Devices


  • SlimLine™ family of fibers: Is designed for durability, flexibility and versatility in urological procedures
  • SlimLine™ 200 D/F/L ultra-flexible fiber: Is designed for flexible ureteroscopy procedures
  • Xpeeda™ D/S/L side firing fiber: A tailored solution delivers more energy directly to the tissue in full contact


Designed for hemostasis

Pulse reshaping technology, powered by a dedicated footswitch


Revised pulse shape minimizes hemostasis time*


Pulse shape Energy / Pulse [J] Treatment mode Average hemostasis time [sec]
Short 0.9 contact >30
Long 0.6 contact 8


*Bench study results may not be indicative of clinical performance

120W of vaporization power:


Lumenis’ highest powered holmium laser


Xpeeda™ D/S/L side firing fiber:


A tailored solution delivers more energy directly to the tissue in full contact

“For Vaporization of the prostate, the Lumenis Pulse™ 120H stands apart from other available technologies. Tissue is easy to remove and, as we have experienced, patients can have their catheter removed almost immediately and go home the same day.”
Mr. Christof Kastner, Consultant Urologist, Cambridge University NHS Trust, UK.

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  • Accelerated Enucleation Rate1
  • Over 15 years of clinical evidence have made HoLEP the right choice for Urologists and patients worldwide
  • HoLEP is recommended by the AUA for BPH2. Among its advantages are a low reoperation rate, and wide patient applicability 2,3. Compared with alternative treatment options for BPH, HoLEP has a major advantage in efficacy and safety3-7

“The Lumenis Pulse™ 120H will make HoLEP procedures precise, faster and efficient. When using the product, I found that no matter how fast I went with the enucleation, the hemostasis was excellent, the view was very good and it allowed me to significantly reduce procedure time.”

Mr. Tev Aho, Consultant Urologist, Cambridge University NHS Trust, U.K.

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  • Ultra-speed dusting capabilities with 80Hz repetition rate and minimal energies of 0.2J
  • Clinical evidence suggests that stone dusting may reduce the need for basket extraction thereby reduce possible complications associated with the routine use of ureteral access sheaths8
  • SlimLine™ 200 D/F/L fiber introduces flexibility, durability and efficiency

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PCNL Made Complete

  • Suction handpiece allows simultaneous lithotripsy and aspiration of stone fragments
  • Enabling physicians to perform laser lIthotripsy during both PCNL and flexible ureteroscopic lithotripsy using one system
  • Effective lithotripsy utilizing broad range of energies (even up to 6J)

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PCNL Suction handpiece - simultaneous lithotripsy and aspiration of stone fragments


Offers a wide range of treatment options, including:


  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
  • Kidney stones
  • Bladder stones
  • Ureteral stones
  • Strictures
  • Bladder tumors
  • Biliary stones
  • Gastroenterology procedures
  • Orthopedic procedures
  • ENT procedures
  • Thoracic & Pulmonary procedures
  • Gynecology procedures
Lumenis Pulse 120H - All in One Superior Laser Urology Platform, Safe. Intuitive. Powerful. Cost Effective.




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