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Lumenis® Pulse™ 100H
The most acclaimed and clinically proven VersaPulse® PowerSuite™ 100W for BPH and stones just got better 

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The Lumenis Surgical Division
Lumenis is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of surgical lasers and delivery devices for the office and hospital setting.

We design products to meet a broad spectrum of clinical applications for a wide range of medical specialties, maximizing utilization and cost-effectiveness. We provide the tools that improve patient care with superior clinical outcomes, fewer complications, reduced pain and faster recovery. We invest in clinical research and studies to provide the clinical validation. Our legacy of innovation is matched only by our history of accomplishments.

Lumenis is the first to introduce: Holmium lasers | CO2 lasers | Re-usable fibers | Multi-wavelength lasers 

Latest News Now available - AcuPulse DUO
November 13, 2015
Lumenis Expands Its Portfolio of Gynecology Solutions with the New UltraPulse® DUO™ for Fertility-Related Disorders and FemTouch™ for Improved Vaginal Health
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June 15, 2015
Lumenis Showcases its Dual Modality CO2 Laser Solution for Smart Tissue Management Providing Women with Better Options for Gynecology Health Problems
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