Clinical Results with INFINITE Potential

“In my clinic there is a high-demand for hair removal from large body areas. With INFINITY's High Speed handpiece I can complete a leg or back treatment in less than 10 minutes. The hair removal results are consistent with other devices that are associated with much greater discomfort. Over the years I have tested many hair removal technologies and I strongly feel that Lumenis' LightSheer INFINITY is in a class of its own.” E. Victor Ross, M.D. 

“The LightSheer INFINITY sets the bar for laser hair removal. With two wavelengths and six possible treatment methods to choose from, I have the freedom to tailor treatments to best meet the needs of each patient. I see excellent results every day and the treatments are comfortable. Best of all, I can treat all skin types all year long.” Omar A. Ibrahimi, M.D., Ph.D.

PB-1003140 Rev C

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